Best Early Game ADCs in League of Legends

In the dynamic realm of League of Legends, securing a strong start is paramount, especially for ADCs (Attack Damage Carries) aiming to dominate the early game. As the foundation upon which victory is built, early-game prowess can set the tone for the remainder of the match. Join us as we explore the top picks for early-game ADCs in League of Legends and unravel the strategies to establish lane dominance and secure early advantages.

1. Draven, The Glorious Executioner

Renowned for his aggressive playstyle and potent laning phase, Draven shines as one of the premier early-game ADCs. With his Spinning Axes ability providing substantial bonus damage and his Blood Rush granting increased movement speed and attack speed, Draven excels at bullying opponents and securing early kills.

2. Lucian, The Purifier

Lucian's versatility and burst damage make him a force to be reckoned with in the early game. With his Lightslinger passive allowing for double-shot auto attacks and his Piercing Light ability providing reliable poke, Lucian can quickly assert dominance in lane and snowball advantages for his team.

3. Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune's potent AoE damage and harass make her a formidable early-game threat. With her Double Up ability providing significant poke damage and her Make It Rain ability zoning enemies and slowing their movement speed, Miss Fortune can dictate the pace of the lane and secure early kills with ease.

4. Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover

Caitlyn's long-range capabilities and lane control make her a dominant force in the early game. With her Piltover Peacemaker ability providing reliable poke damage and her Yordle Snap Trap ability zoning enemies and providing vision control, Caitlyn can consistently pressure opponents and secure early advantages for her team.

5. Ashe, The Frost Archer

Ashe's utility and long-range engage potential make her a strong pick for the early game. With her Ranger's Focus ability providing bonus attack speed and her Enchanted Crystal Arrow ability initiating fights from afar, Ashe can set up kills for her team and establish lane dominance with ease.

How to Play: Mastering Early-Game ADCs

  • Aggressive Trading: Utilize your champion's strengths to consistently pressure and harass opponents in lane, forcing them to play defensively and miss out on valuable CS (Creep Score).

  • Vision Control: Maintain vision control in the bottom lane river and tribush to prevent enemy ganks and provide valuable information to your team.

  • Objective Priority: Coordinate with your support to secure early objectives such as dragon and turret plating to further solidify your team's advantage.

  • Rotation Awareness: Stay vigilant of enemy rotations and communicate with your team to respond appropriately, whether it be collapsing on overextended opponents or rotating to assist in skirmishes.

In conclusion, mastering the art of early-game ADCs in League of Legends can pave the way for victory on the Rift. Whether you prefer the aggressive playstyle of Draven or the utility of Ashe, each champion offers a unique path to early-game dominance. So, choose your champion, coordinate with your team, and seize control of the early game to secure victory for your team.