Top 6 Junglers That Can Solo Baron in LoL

Baron Nashor, the formidable creature on Summoner's Rift in the game League of Legends, offers significant advantages when defeated. Soloing Baron requires skill, specific champions, and strategic insight. When seeking out the top contenders for soloing Baron in League of Legends, six standout junglers emerge: Master Yi, Shyvana, Warwick, Udyr, Nunu, and Briar. These champions exhibit exceptional prowess in tackling the formidable creature on Summoner's Rift. Delve into the intricacies of their abilities and strategies for soloing Baron effectively.


No. 1: Master Yi - The Alpha Assassin:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Alpha Strike) first for damage output, followed by W (Meditate) for sustain.

With his high damage output and sustain from Alpha Strike and Meditate, Master Yi excels at soloing Baron. Timely ability usage and vision control are key to success.


No. 2: Shyvana - The Dragon Lady:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Twin Bite) first for increased damage on every other auto attack, then W (Burnout) for sustained damage.

Shyvana's Twin Bite and Burnout make her a formidable solo Baron contender. Maximizing Q ability and proper positioning are crucial for a successful attempt.


No. 3: Warwick - The Blood Hunter:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Jaws of the Beast) first for damage and healing, followed by W (Blood Hunt) for increased attack speed and movement speed.

Warwick's sustain and crowd control with Jaws of the Beast and Blood Hunt enable him to solo Baron effectively. Utilizing abilities wisely and maintaining vision are essential.


No. 4: Udyr - The Spirit Walker:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Tiger Stance) first for damage, then W (Bear Stance) for crowd control and tankiness.

Udyr's versatility with Tiger Stance and Bear Stance makes him a strong choice for soloing Baron. Proper timing and vision control enhance his chances of success.


No. 5: Nunu - The Yeti Rider:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Consume) first for sustain and smite-like ability, then W (Snowball Barrage) for damage and slow.

Nunu's sustain and crowd control from Consume and Snowball Barrage make him a reliable option for soloing Baron. Effective ability usage and vision control are paramount.


No. 6: Briar - The Nature's Guardian:

Abilities to Max: Max Q (Bramble Smash) first for damage and crowd control, followed by W (Thorns Aura) for increased durability and damage reflection.

Briar's combination of sustain and damage output with Bramble Smash and Thorns Aura make him a formidable solo Baron contender. Proper ability usage and strategic positioning are crucial for a successful attempt.


Tips for Successful Solo Attempts

Prioritize vision control around the Baron pit.

Communicate intentions with teammates for support or distraction.

Understand champion power spikes and itemization for optimal performance.

Risks and Rewards

Soloing Baron offers immense rewards but comes with risks. Enhanced stats and minion buffs aid in pushing lanes and winning team fights. However, the risk of enemy interference and potential team disadvantages should be carefully weighed.


Soloing Baron in League of Legends demands skill, champion knowledge, and strategic awareness. Mastering this feat can turn the tide of a game, but careful consideration of risks and rewards is essential. With proper preparation and champion selection, aspiring junglers can confidently embark on the challenge of soloing Baron and lead their team to victory.